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Our Unique Madrasa Desks

Many Madrasa students study using wooden benches. These 'study benches' often have chipped wood and rust, and are bulky to lift, stack and store - all health and safety risks for young children.

In 2005, Books Asia took the step to design and manufacture our own Madrasa Desks. They were designed to be safe (for the children), flexible (for the teachers) and affordable (for the trusts).

Introducing Our Sister Company

In May 2015, to manage the huge demand for these desks, we setup a sister-company. We now have a dedicated team to work with Madrasas and process the Orders. We also have some exciting new products on the way.

Please visit www.madrasasupplies.co.uk for more information.

Or call Shujah Khan (the Sales Director) on 07837- 384243 or 01274-546630.

Or eMail info@madrasasupplies.co.uk and they'll get back to you.