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Books Asia has supplied foreign-language books to Public Libraries world-wide since 1985. We are the UK's largest supplier, with an in-depth knowledge of the Library Sector.

We supply 10 Indic languages including Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and Urdu.

We supply 22 Non-Indic languages including Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, French, Hungarian, Polish, Turkish and Ukrainian.

Click here to view our full language portfolio.

We offer generous discounts ranging from 15% to 40%, based upon required languages, and your annual spend.

Books Asia is the only foreign-languages supplier to be awarded BIC's prestigious e4libraries accreditation, a testament to our investment in Library technology.

We work closely with BIC, Nielsen, BDS and the key LMS vendors to bring you the highest levels of expertise.

Our Holistic approach to Foreign-Language procurement

We source the Best Books

Supplier Select

Most of our libraries opt for Supplier Select. Our Language Experts understand your demographics. We work with the top Publishers across the globe, to source the best books for your readers.

Book-in-hand Cataloguing

Marc Records

All our libraries take advantage of our Marc Records: UKMarc, Marc21 or USMarc. No 'template' records here. All our records are unique and comprehensive, and tailored for you.

EDI for ALL languages

EDI Services

EDI is fast becoming a mandatory requirement, and a great way to save costs. We support all the EDI Messages, and the key LMS systems including Axiell, Talis, Spydus, Sirsi, Infor and Evergreen.

Hey, we also take care of Everything Else

Transliterated Booklists

All our Booklists are available to download. They provide lots of information, should you wish to select your own titles.

Profile Management

We'll use your profile. Or we'll supply a suggested profile. And we'll review it periodically with you.

Budget Management

Tell us how much you have to spend on each language. We'll supply accordingly, and keep you upto date with our MI Reports.

Delivery Scheduling

Once we have your requirements, we'll formulate and agree a Delivery Plan for the whole year. So you know what's coming, and when.

Check-Out Reviews

Do you use CollectionHQ or Bertram's Engage? We love to review Check-Out Statistics to see how are books are doing.

Shelf-Ready Servicing

The big time-saver. We can do your Labeling, Dust Jackets, RFID Tagging and Activating and anything else you might need.

Refurb Library Stock

Is one of your branch libraries undergoing a Refurb? We understand that Stock Enhancements are likely to be needed at Short Notice.

New-Build Library Stock

Is your New Library about to be unveiled? Need large amounts of Quality Stock in the Shortest time? We are here for you.

Book Finder Service

We can help you find new books, out-of-print books, rare books, or even used books. If your reader wants it, we work hard to source it.

Events Support

Local Author visits, Book Clubs, Eid, Diwali, Healthy Cooking and all other events. We'll make sure your shelves have the necessary books.

Come join the leaders innovators specialists of Foreign-Language supply